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The program that listens to debian-l10n-french understands pseudo-urls in the subject header. The pseudo-urls have to have the following form

[<state>] <type>://<package>/<file>

The state can be one of the following: TAF, ITT, RFR, LCFC, BTS#<bug_nb> or DONE.

The type can be anything indicating the type of the document, e.g.: po-debconf, debian-installer, po, man or wml (webwml is deprecated, wml should by used instead).

package is the name of the package where the document comme from. Please use for the wml files of the Debian web site cvs.

file is the filename of the document, it can contain other information such as the path to the file or the section for a manpage, so no other document in the same package should be refered the same.

The structure of name depends on the chosen type. In principle it's just an identifier, but it's strongly recommended to follow the following rules.

The state BTS is somewhat special, it used to register a bug number so the l10n-bot can track the status of you're translation once you submitted it to the BTS. Every day it will check if any of the open bug reports have been closed. An example of this command is:

[BTS#1234] po-debconf://cupsys

If you have the intent to translate a lot of packages, you can ITT them all at ones. An example:

[ITT] po-debconf://{cupsys,courier,apache}
So put the packages between curly braces and separate them with comma's. No extra spaces!

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